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Understanding the Long-Term Benefits of Proper OSHA Training

Understanding the Long-Term Benefits of Proper OSHA Training In The Construction, Engineering and Environmental Industries.

What is OSHA?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) was created in the 1970’s in response to the Occupational Safety and Health Act to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for men and women by setting and enforcing standards, as well as providing proper training and education. Every job has its own set of OSHA regulations that employers must meet to ensure the health and safety of their employees. On top of that, each job has its own specialized OSHA training which all employers are required to have their employees partake in and regularly refresh on. OSHA representatives provide regular audits at companies to ensure employers are keeping work environments safe for their employees and that employees are continuing to use safe practices when performing their duties.

How do I meet OSHA requirements as an employee?

All employers are required to ensure all their employees are trained in OSHA certified safety measures. At Webuild Training they offer a wide variety of specialized OSHA safety courses designed for those seeking employment in the fields of construction, engineering, power, utility, real estate, and industrial markets. By providing the most up to date and effective courses, you can meet all compliance guidelines for your career. Each industry has its own set of training guidelines and with the work at your own pace web-based learning modules, you don’t have to worry about any scheduling conflicts arising as you would with a classroom-based instruction. Instead, sign up for our fully contracted and compliant training courses. They offer over 1,000 courses for new employees, as well as required refresher courses for preexisting employees needing to meet their annual compliance requirements.

What is the benefit?

Proper OSHA training is the keystone to an accident free work environment. For the employer, they benefit by meeting the national requirements and by having fewer work related accidents. Fewer work related accidents means higher productivity and less lost time for people having to take time off from work to recover or investigations related to the mechanism of injury. Having well trained, safe employees will always pay off in the grand scheme. Ensuring all employees are properly trained and all equipment is OSHA certified and in working order greatly benefits the productivity of employers. Regular equipment inspections and OSHA re-certification instills a feeling of security in all parties involved.

For employees, avoiding accidents is the best way to avoid unintentional time away from work. Remembering safety training in all aspects of work enables employees to work in and maintain a safe environment. Following OSHA guidelines greatly reduces the chance of on the job accidents. Being a safe, productive employee should be on the top of everyone’s list.

Do not ignore damaged equipment. If you see something, say something, and if it has been awhile since your last OSHA re-certification, speak up. These statements ring especially true in the career pathways of construction, engineering, and environmental services. Serious injury and even death can occur if you do not adhere to OSHA guidelines at any of these jobs. A construction worker’s failure to regularly inspect his machinery and tools can cost him his life. An engineer who does not properly lock out a machine before climbing in to inspect it can be accidentally maimed or crushed. Taking the time to perform all tasks safely is worth your time, every time. Following through will lead to a satisfying career in a safe, healthy environment for all.